New Freeze Dried

A UK-first, our revolutionary Freeze-Dried range combines the flavour and goodness
of raw ingredients with the ease and convenience of dry food. Just store, pour and serve.

What is Freeze Dried?

Freeze drying is how we preserve all the goodness, flavours and nutrients
from our quality fruits, vegetables and cuts of meats.

This creates a highly nutritious, intensely flavourful,
natural food your dog can enjoy right from the pack.


What is Freeze-dried dog food?

Freeze-drying is a process that gently removes the moisture from the ingredients. Unlike cooked pet food, freeze-drying preserves the nutrients, goodness, and flavour. Freeze-dried pet food is a new innovation in the pet food industry that has been growing rapidly in recent years in North America. Natures Menu/True Instinct have invested heavily in the only freeze-drying facility of its kind in Europe to bring this technology to the UK market.

Does Freeze-dried require any preparation before I feed it to my dog?

No. True Instinct freeze-dried foods are ready to serve as they are. Once the raw ingredients have been freeze-dried, they require no additional preparation. Simply open the bag and feed the required amount for the size of your dog. Always wash hands and clean feeding equipment after serving.

What’s the difference between Freeze-dried and traditional dry dog food?

The difference between True Instinct freeze-dried and traditional dry food is that freeze-dried food maintains the nutrients, vitamins, and taste of the raw ingredients, whereas traditional dry/kibble is exposed to high levels of heat which removes a high proportion of the goodness. Freeze-dried is no less convenient than dry/kibble but a far more natural and wholesome food.

Do I need to add water to True Instinct Freeze-dried before feeding it to my dog?

There is no need to add water to True Instinct Freeze-dried, it can be fed as is. We recommend that your dog has access to plenty of clean, fresh drinking water when feeding.

Why is True Instinct Freeze-dried so light?

Simply, because a large percentage of the moisture has been removed from the product. Most meats, fruits, and vegetables contain high levels of water. Removing this water results in the finished freeze-dried product weighing considerably less than traditional dry/kibble and wet dog foods. The ratio of Freeze-dried to wet dog food is approximately 1 to 5. So 120g of True Instinct Freeze-dried is the equivalent of a 600g can of wet food.


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